Monday, September 15, 2008

A river in Egypt

Da-nile. That's where I am today. Let's see how long I can stay there in a happy state of cluelessness about my 401K.

Not looking at the markets or even too closely at the financial news.

Nope. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

On the other hand heard on the radio today that mortgage rates have dropped back under 6% since Freddie and Fannie got in trouble. Maybe it's time to go looking for a cashout refi. Need to pay for all the fun in the lower lot somehow (grading, drive, pool, shop).

Speaking of the lower lot I had to get the grading contractor back who did that work in early August. Link: Moving Day 2&3

I ran into some zoning oddities (and poor planning on my part) so am changing the grade plan a bit. "Fill up that hole/pad with the pile you built and leave a pad for the shop where you put that pile last time."

That's the bad news on the construction front. The good news is this change eliminates the need for ~80' of 6 to 8 ft retaining wall. That was going to be some massive footing work. Nets me a month or two of time saved and about $10K of concrete and steel (and a sore back from forming it up).

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