Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still down by Da Nile

Still comfortably in Egypt down by Da Nile River -- not looking at the 401k. Nope. Nope. Wouldn't be prudent. Just keeping nose to the grindstone at work and home projects.

Did see total stock balances in regular acct though today. I had to log in to confirm a check that had cleared from my stock account. Didn't want to see those total account numbers. Actually not looking too bad on that front though! Thank goodness for the big shift I made since 2001 to big boring dividend payers (Thank you Motley Fool Income Investor newsletter).

The grading rework wrapped up Tuesday. They did just as I requested to "Move dis der and level dis here like dat." Much better communication this time.

Pool pile is in back now, uphill and along the fence.It is all compacted and ready to dig. The shop pad is ready in front at the base of the cut slope out toward the street.
This lot has some outstanding soil for building on with a high percentage of DG (decomposed granite). It was a metric pain in the rear to ripout the pile he'd built up and compacted on the first grading effort. The operator, Gordon, had to drop the rippers on the D6 Cat to get into some of it. No wonder though, the soils test spec'd it for 2000 psi at 90% compaction. That's approaching concrete's strength.

Here Humberto is soaking it down to ensure good compaction.

I could hardly tear myself away from watching Gordon work that Cat. He's a Michelangelo in Mud. I reckon a fella could learn a few things in 38 years of operating a Cat.

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