Sunday, March 1, 2009

Keep your powder dry

There here intraweb thingie with it's free flow of pricing info has taken the peaks and valleys out of pricing for used goods. I dunno if it's lowered or raised the average selling price of things but it's tougher to find the really good deals/steals that make a thrifty Scots heart sing. However, there's deals to be had out there if you keep your powder (cash) dry.

Case in point I came across a fella who'z getting rid of his 9mm bootlitt casting and reloading stash. He didn't want to go on (Fe)ebay to sell and seemed to be looking for cash sooner rather than later (no waiting for auction to run it's course). Worked good for me this time Got a mess of 9mm cast boolitts (2400 147grain, 500 Lee 121 gr FP boolits) and 9mm brass (1000 1x fired) for ~30% below the going auction rate.

The Red, White and Blue truck of happiness dropped off the goodies Friday (or was it Saturday).

As he carried them to the shop door the Postman asked my wife, "What's (ungghh) in (ungghh) these (unnggghh) boxes?"

Said she, "My husband's making bullets (sic) and getting ready for Armageddon."

Nah, just a day or two at the range. /heh

Anyhoo, I finally got around to unpacking them in a spare moment this evening.
That's a mess of boolits!I'm set for 9mm for quite a while now -- or set with some good trading/barter stock.

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