Friday, March 6, 2009

Yep, It does hurt

speaking of autoparts and pain$...

my '03 VW TDi is about to eat it's turbo and it's going to hurt$. that's the bad news.

The good news is the stock turbo and injectors are going to be history. /heh

I found a shop who fixed the injector pump leak much cheaper w/out replacing the whole unit as my regular shop recommended. That's the same shop who installed a reman'd engine for me last summer.

It turns out they also put the timing belt assy together all wrong so the injection system can't be timed properly. That would explain the fuel smoke I've been unable to troubleshoot. Sure the old shop will fix it free. As if they could figure it out. Sorry. I'll pay to get it done by someone with a clue this time.

This new shop does nothing but VW TDI's. He had a barely used oversize turbo and (new) larger injectors available. The turbo was left over from when he built a test bed for Garrett Airesearch. They used it for r&d on a later model/larger VW engine. Only 1000 miles on the turbo. He's giving me full warranty and a tune on the larger turbo and injectors for price of stock turbo R&R. Gale Banks eat yer heart out!

Going to be interesting to see what the net effect on mpg is. It should increase measureably. Of course so should the torque. /heh

The trick's going to be keeping the right foot out of the improved torque to see what the mpg does.

Fools rush in...

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