Saturday, March 21, 2009

(not) My Side of the Mountain

Old friend rebuilding from the Cedar Fire got hung up with final inspection sign off this week. Has to hustle to work off a punch list. He's been building this up in the mountains for about 5 years now. Finally on the home stretch.

No way he was going to get it all done by himself in a week before getting reinspected. He's up against his permit expiration date so the pressures on. The big pressure was to finish up some retaining walls. The blocks are stored up that hill behind the house.

Oh, did I mention it's on a hill at 6000ft ASL? What folks east of the Mississippi would call a mountain? It's 60 miles to the coast -- and high enough you can catch a glimpse of the lights of San Diego at night.

First up,figure out the rise and logical location to dig footings to mesh with the slope and boulders.

Next, move piles of blocks down and round to the sidehill and start setting up a couple walls.

Then to get the gravel from down below up the hill and backfill the walls.

Miller Time anyone?

We were able to lay off the pool project for the day and get in a few hours of neighborly barn raising. The son&heir did me proud. Piled in the car for the hour drive and when we made it to the top of the mountain jumped out ready to work and led from the front like a man.

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