Friday, March 20, 2009

Meeses! I hates Meeses!

Last night was boys night out with tools. We finally got around to hanging the projector at the back of the auditorium. This goes hand in hand with the chapel projector install and screen move last fall. link

This will allow the musicians and speakers to see what's being projected behind them without having to have a PC with them up front or turning around to peek at the overhead screen.

Robin and Ian got the wiring routed through the overhead whilst Travis measured rafters and purlins for a couple stage light mount bars he's planning to fabricate.

The major entertainment for the evening was provided by cousins of Jerry and Mighty Mouse.

Former occupants left behind a substantial offering in the sanctuary walls. I had the pleasure of discoverying it as I cut open the wall for to route wiring down under the floor to the sound board (and opportunity to jump back in nick of time before it filled my shoes).

In between wiring/projector stuff we took time to tape outline of estimated stage area for a stage mod we've been considering. Helps to visualize the possibilities and challenges. That would double the usefull area for the musicians and allow a row of pews to be reinstalled up front.
Seating is pretty constrained in our main service so getting seating for another 20+ bottoms looks pretty good. An expanded stage would allow front pews to be better utilized as well. Currently they get cluttered with monitors underfoot etc. That's about a 10% increase in seating.

Let's hope and pray these changes (rear wall projection) don't take as much cultural and emotional adjustment for the congregation as did the front projector.

We just last Sunday got the disposable coffee cup size changed after nearly 2 years of explaining, persuading, tasking and encouraging. No more 6 oz styrofoam coffee shot glasses. We're bigtime now with 10 oz stryofoam and caps. Yee-haw! Progress! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

That's all to say I'm guessing any mod's to the stage are a ways off in the future. /heh

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