Friday, July 3, 2009

Date Night

Went out to see "The Fantasticks" at a local theater this evening.

All these years of theater and somehow I've managed to avoid seeing one of the most successful plays of our time.

Ok. Now I've seen it.

Yeah, I get it. I can see why it was such a success in 1960 and enjoyed a record setting run off Broadway.

This production was staged and acted well. Though, the singing was just passable. Yeah, I'm a critic. /heh

I might have even enjoyed the show if the theater seats weren't scaled for people from 1860. As much as I have enjoyed our season subscription to this theater for many years now, it's gotten to be more of an endurance event than an entertainment event -- except on the rare occasion they pander to the "Penney Pit" and put on some cheesy musical comedy standard that appeals to we trailer park folks puerile tastes.

As my back has aged it's gotten to where I fairly dread the thought of going to sit in seat that's at least 4" lower than appropriate for my tall average height. Starting to reevaluate the cost/benefit ratio of this season ticket/date night tradition.

Let's see... A season subscription costs what? How much should I be willing to pay to sit in a 5 gallon bucket for 2+ hours five times a season?