Friday, July 24, 2009

Tomatoed out

Remember that pile of tomatoes in the sink this morning?

Finally after some afternoon veggie prep at the sink, cooking and straining skins, followed by hours of boiling down to reduce to sauce and 35 minutes of boiling in canning pot...

We come to this at nearly midnight...

3 pints of finished sauce for the cupboard and a partial pint for the fridge. Wow. Sort of like a parable of my paycheck after the .gov is finished with it. /heh

We'll check back in the morning to see how they sealed.

In case you're wondering; no I won't rush to make sauce again. I'll stick to whole tomatoes, salsa and juice. This just takes too much time and heat to reduce to sauce. I'll stock up on sauce cans when it's on sale for rainy stash (earthquake, fires, cash crunch) and enjoy the garden tomatoes other ways.

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