Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uphill. All the way

Looking forward to 2nd test drive of the hot tub tonight after all the heavy lifting we did today. Worked ~350 sq ft of new garden spaces around the pool. Worked the beds at the other end too. Had to be careful, cukes are planted there already. The girls helped me haul about 1.5 yds of mulch/manure up over the retaining walls in garbage cans and turn it in.

Then I got busy planting. 3 queen palms, 4 clusters of Phoenix Roebellini mini-date palm, a Plumeria, and finally we tucked a nice big split leaf Philodendron into the upper most corner above the spa.

Have to get 3 more plumeria to finish that big pieces on that slope. Then to get some ground cover going to help hold the dirt and a vine to cover that reed mat on the chain link between us and the neighbors -- maybe bower vine or trumpet vine.

Doesn't sound like much but that's a mess of work for a desk jockey in 97F weather. Good thing I don't have to actually work for a living -- doubt if I could still give an honest 8 hours of physical labor. If I did, I might be in traction for a week. Everything was uphill and on a sidehill. My back couldn't have survived it this time last year. Daily workout with Esgoscue Method keeps making steady progress on posture and function.

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