Friday, July 10, 2009

Morning wanderings

Wandered around before sunup with morning coffee enjoying the light coming up. Took pix of some of yesterday's work and pix of next areas to work on.

Doesn't look like much does it? /heh

Fair bit of cutting, nailing, backfilling involved in that bit of bottom fence wood and gravel

Got a drainage issue there to address. When the pool overfills it flows out through the pool cover box. I need to open the retaining wall up there and run a line out to control the runoff.

Next up is this area to pour and set posts for stairs from lower drive up to the pool.

Ready to get busy setting plants in beds around the pool. The east end next the neighbors fence is going to fun. Palms, split leaf philodendren and maybe an Australian fern tree or two!

This bank is the next "heavy lifting project. The tarps will come off shortly then get busy getting drainlines down from above and retaining wall and drainage set down below.

Came back in with mess of Romas.

Didn't realize these were going to be low bush plants. Expected taller plants I could train up the fence.
Need to figure a better way to get them up out of the dirt. Maybe I can just rig some straps off the fence to lift them a bit without damaging the vines.

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