Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full but leaking

The pool that is. Full of kids right now and leaking through the spa light wiring.

An improvised ball game of some sort going on here at twilight. Looks like the girls have left it to the guys now. Surprised at how well it showed up on my phone's camera.

The new pool has been losing water at an alarming (and expensive) rate. After waiting almost 2 weeks for an appointment, the leak detection tech came out today and isolated the problem. Now, I have to get the report to the electrician who did the work and negotiate & coordinate the repair.

The Church High School group meets Thursdays. They moved it here this week. I'm hiding in the (momentarily quiet) house for a coupla moments. I did the honors at the grill and suitably charred enough tube steaks and hot Polish dogs to feed the lot of them. Just taking a couple minutes in the quiet house now while they're enjoying the pool. I need to recuperate from a heavy stretch in hot weather working get things situated for them. Got myself dehydrated pretty good in the sun this afternoon.

Had a good bit of "hurry up heavy lifting" to do today. Had to get some fencing modified, keystone block wall gravel finished and backfilled. Had to take a few hours off work to get ready for tomorrow and be here with the leak detection tech. I got some work done while he did his tests. Tomorrow the propane company is bringing the tank for the pool heater and the tank's pad needed finished.

Hauled and lifted a pile 90# sacks of concrete, some 60# blocks, a bunch of treated 2x6 and 2x4's. Then made a run with the trailer just before the yard closed to get a couple yards of mulch/manure mix.

That last load is sitting in the trailer just outside the open window I'm typing this near. Umm, umm good. Reminds me of when the wind was just right back home and we could smell Mahoney's dairy.

I haven't been to the range in a coon's age. Gotta do something 'bout that...

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