Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Thursday

I got so busy w/ mitigating erosion on the recently graded lower lot I forgot what shopping day it was until I pulled in to the Home Depot for to buy some more sand bags and annual rye.

Oy! I'd forgotten that Home Depot has become a Christmas shopping destination. Silly me -- every manly man who still has his man card, his wife, mother, girlfriend or daughter were there. The Venetian ladies have either figured their Martian men out or they'vde learned to dig the place themselves.

Yeah, the local HD is my kind of Xmas store -- and it's only 3-4 blocks to El Cajon Gun Exchange. /heh :-)

Online's fine (I do most of mine online) but some shopping is better with Bricks and Mortar for the tactile (and tactical) element.

Speaking of tactical, the EBR crowd is hustling to catch up with post Election day demand. The Brown truck of happiness showed up with five 10rd AR mags from C Products yesterday.

Also, got a call from Addax updating backlog status on AR lower kit (that's whole 'nother post -- .223 varmint buildup). Just last week his e-mail was saying at least 4 weeks. Now he's saying week and a half. Looks like they're working hard to pull in their orders to suppliers. They're being real proactive updating customer status; probably concerned I'll go elsewhere and canx my order -- leaving them with inventory.

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