Saturday, November 22, 2008


Took off work (and blogging) yesterday. The Son&Heir and I went down for big doings at MCRD. His close friend and my old Sunday School student graduated Boot Camp.

Seems at times the past coupla years like we were half raising this young man. He'd be overnight at our place most weekends and holidays. His folks have had some bumps w/ medical problems and consequently a few rough patches keeping regular work. His dad was in the Navy same time as me. In fact, was the first local friend I made at church when the Navy transfered me out to San Diego in '85.

I'll claim the honor of having taught this (now) Marine to shoot trap. We three (son, he, I) went together to the local range quite a bit. He'd got a good start with firearm safety training in Boy Scout Troop #1(that's right troop #1!). He led his company at the rifle range on prequal day but fell off the top on qual day. It was really windy and he had to make something like 10 wind calls -- didn't get all his wind dope good enough that day.

Musta been the wind or maybe some dust in the air. Keep getting something in my eye... /ahem

May we, as a nation, be worthy of them and their committment.

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