Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tractor therapy

Been picking away at the rock piles in the lower drive. It's dark after work now so have to wait for weekends or sneak in a few passes before work. Got the back uphill slope pretty well done. Now to working on the level top straightaway(front stretch).

I s'pect it's going to take another 20 yds to finish out to the road and the front uphill slope.

It slows the process down when the box/blade is narrower than the tractor's track. Don't want to go shopping for a wider box (time -- much less the cash out), but have been thinking about ways to mod the box on the cheap. Not clear what the most direct solution is to that.

Fab/bolt on some outriggers/wings?
Bolt a tough beam/board across the bottom back of the box? Maybe with some angle on it to protect the cutting edge?
Hit the local scrap yard in search of a 6' chunk of steel?

Probably will just finish the job before I get any mod done. I've got an old power pole laying in the lot that's 6-7" thick and at least 15' long. Maybe I'll just cut that in 2 or 3 and make a log drag out of it. Now I'm wishing I'd kept that length of scrap chain link that recently went to the dump. It'd have been perfect for a log drag...

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