Sunday, November 16, 2008

Speaking of preachin'

That's where I've been and why I've been light on posting this weekend.

Had a doozy to put together on The Lord's Supper and Worship. Needed to address some traditions in our church practice that have become dogma. It's been a long time coming. Lot's of fuss and fun leading up to this the past several weeks, including an unfortunate e-mail sent my way that cc'd select church members.

Looked like a coup in the making by an older man who felt like the palladium of the old ways -- guardian of our precious PB distinctives. Maybe was a bit of that division brewing, but, after meeting with the brother we understand there was some serious fear and misunderstanding on his part. Pointed out a pretty good plank in my eye too. /ouch

Actually worked for the good since it out'ed the issue and gave us a chance to deal with the man for restoration (mindful of Paul's instruction to Timothy "don't sharply rebuke an older man but appeal to him as a father."). Also, set up this morning's preaching which topic had already been planned -- put the simmering problem front, center and current. Enemy mean't it for evil but God used it for good.

Sermon should be posted online later this week. I think I went 7-8 minutes overtime (arrggh). It was a struggle right up to last night to pare it down as far as I did. Was cutting and slashing down to core points til almost midnight. As usual my storytelling and compounding of analogies (my strength) became a weakness. Seemed to be well received though among all demographics we were concerned with reaching.

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