Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winning the Future?

Have you read Newt's book by that title? Ya should. Get it here.

Read it, then pass it on. If you have read it whattya think of the ideas he puts forward?

Do you have his website up for your daily perusal? Ya should. Bookmark this.

This from Newsmax:
Newt Gingrich says he's ready, willing and able to serve as chairman of the Republican National Committee.

“If a majority of the RNC thought he was needed, he would accept that appointment,” Randy Evans, Gingrich’s close friend, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He fully appreciates the urgency of the moment. The RNC has to do some soul-searching and decide what level of change is necessary. If that answer is bold, energetic change led by someone who has done it before, then Newt would be a good choice.”


I can dream I can't I? (gee that'd be a great title for a song) I've always liked the the Glenn Miller version although Karen Carpenter knocked out of the park too.

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