Tuesday, November 11, 2008

16 tons and whattya get?

Actually that's a little over 20 tons in piles.

The "Eyesore" warming up. Greased, gassed, and ready to give the Zane Thang a proper test grading the drive.

Wearing down the piles. Got a little exciting a couple times working close to the edge with 2 uphill wheels cutting into the piles. Cutting brake saved me from rolling off the edge at least once at the far bottom corner.

Oh yeah, say hallo to my leetle friend.

Looks like it'll take another 30 or 40 tons or rock to cover the rest of the racetrack drive. That took a bit over an hour for this amateur operator. Pretty good workout w/out power steering. I actually broke a bit of a sweat.

Actually it's salvaged (reground) concrete. Smells like it too when you stir it up. If it works as planned it'll pack really tight when it gets damp and driven on. The road up to my local shooting range has this material. It's also like a dusty paved road it packs in so tight. The residual cement must do some bonding.

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