Thursday, August 13, 2009

A different sort of pickle

This is the morning view at my desk.

I finally got around to getting a new camera for my 'scopes. The unit was a goner and I couldn't interface economically to a video micrometer measurement system. That's it in the eyepiece of the overarm inspection style scope. It also attaches directly to the C-mount on my trinocular metallurgical scope at the back/left of the photo.

This is one of the new fangled USB style cameras. The prices are an order of magnitude lower than for the old systems (esp when you take into account the value of the measurement capability integrated with the camera software). It came with nifty software for onscreen measurement. No more messing with the old IEEE 1394 lines, convertor and powersupply hardware to get the CCD image converted to a format the PC can handle. That old system made for quite a rats nest of cables around the scope.

The new camera should not only get me back online but with less clutter on the bench(and higher resolution) -- if I can just get it to work. No joy on first tries after loading the software on my PC.

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