Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jack is takin' over!

Jack o' Lantern that is...

The pumpkin plant is taking over the rose bed. I planted it there on a whim and am getting a kick out of seeing it take over the world. There's at least one pumpkin under there already the size of a soccer ball.

I love to put up pumpkin in the freezer. Maybe read up on canning it this year. The Wife and Significant Other has rockin' recipes for pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.

At the other end of the new patio we're getting some nice blooms from the little antique rose. The bell pepper plant is finally busting out and putting on a couple blooms too.

In the meantime I'm turning some tomatoes into canned juice on the stove at the moment. The weekend cook is typing this waiting for the water to get hot for spaghetti noodles and sauce made from the first tomato canning adventure. Should be close to a gallon to put up.

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