Monday, August 31, 2009

looking back for some mellow

been busy and a lot of intense emotions lately. Big season of life change and stuff breaking at the same time. Throw in 115F+ heat. Blogging? /meh not so much.

Took a minute to scan these old photos while getting a bite of lunch at my desk today.

Dawn patrol memories from the mid-90's.
Really had to step back and lean to get that board lined up in time for the beach break lip to come over. Not much rocker in that stick and a single fin made it interesting to turn in a hurry.

Same crew, different morning spot. Oh Danny boy, it's good to see you there in the background.

Love that hot coffee thermos after cold winter morning surf.

That board was stolen some time later. My "little brother from another Mother" has moved on to adventures and life from Alaska to Argentina. Miss the board. Miss my brother Dan even more.

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