Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parts is parts

The Red, White & Blue Truck of Happiness came yesterday with some odd bits needed to dial in the Son&Heirs AR15 the rest of the way.

We got to the range last weekend and functioned tested it. The windage adjust dialed in quickly. However, the elevation adjustment is on the front sight post. We need to move it down about 12 clicks. It can be done with .223 FMJ bullet tip but we didn't want to risk marking up the finish on the sight.

There's an M16A2 style front sight adjust tool in that pile. Also there is a "bullet button" mag release and a nifty little "bullet button tool" keychain. The CA legal mag release we installed requires an allen wrench every time the mag is pulled. It is a ridiculous bit of hardware. This style release should be a nice upgrade.

There's a new extended upper action release pin in the pile too. I have a spare lower parts kit that was missing that pin so figured I get one in on this order on the same postage charge.

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