Thursday, August 13, 2009

Range day

First up the AR15. Check out the nifty brass catcher bag!

Bought the M16A2 front sight tool online and cranked the front post all the way down. From what we saw a couple weeks ago at the 25yd line we estimated it needed at least 10 clicks down. Maybe 12. Only got 8 or 9 clicks before bottoming out the adjustment. I'll need to file it down if it needs to move more.

Next up the .270 Winchester Model 70. We've been meaning for the Son&Heir to make this his primary hunting rifle since I got it a couple years ago and sighted it in. Somehow or other we hadn't got it to the range with him. This is his first shot with with it -- just for familiarization.

Ok. So both of them are on the paper at 50 yds.

...and some actions shots. It's a blur! Slinging that bolt like Tommy with his SMLE during a mad minute!

...and now that he's a bit more familiar with the rifle and the larger round -- a leaning supported offhand.
No pic of the paper for those shots but still minute of goblin at 50yds. Prolly about an 8 ring effort.

Check out the figure in that custom maple stock. Yeah. Eat yer heart out Roy Weatherby!

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