Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving day 5

"Racetrack" drive is taking shape. Here he's connecting the dots on back drive to the lower stretch. The volley/soccer field in the middle of the circular drive is the last detail. Tomorrow should wrap up this grading exercise -- more to follow as some retaining wall footings are dug and extra dirt becomes available.

I spent the better part of the afternoon tearing out and reworking the relocated sewer line.

The young crew I had on it was overwhelmed by all the joints and glued it up with high spots and joints under extreme tension. Pass me that Sawzall please (and a pile of couplers)!

One young man (an recent refugee from Burundi) insisted on digging in bare feet with a mattock. He only had one pair of shoes and didn't want to mess them up. Toes? What toes? He was a good worker. Kept up the digging tempo on a hot day. I fixed that shoe problem when I was out at Walmart midday. Picked up some steel toe work boots for him. The way he works he won't be going hungry -- or on the dole.

Probably shouldn't have paid them the time to work on the rework and redigging with me. Oh my aching...

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