Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday: In poor taste

A rich lawyer was going down the street in his limo when he
saw a hobo kneeling in a park, eating the grass. The lawyer
asked his chauffeur to stop and rolled down the window to
talk to the poor fellow. The lawyer asked, "How come you are
eating this grass?"

The hobo replied, "I have no money and no house, so my
family and I live in this park, eat the grass, and drink out
of the drinking fountain."

The lawyer said, "Well, I'm rich. Go get your family and
friends, and you can all come to my house and I'll feed

Eventually the hobo, his family, his friends, and his
friends' families all piled into the limo. As they were
driving down the road, the lawyer broke the silence. "You
know, you guys are really going to like it at my house. The
grass is at least a foot long in the back."

Yeah, well it figures. Probably a conservative. That is if we're to believe the laundry list of evils and suffering attributed to them from the Temple of Obama last night.

Talk about poor taste...

Who knew GDP growth report in excess of 3% could be so terrible as to be called a recession. 8 years of suffering in Egypt are coming to an end, but the new Pharoah will be just like the old Pharoah -- or worse. Lead us to the Promised Land O' Anointed One! Deliver us!

/Sarcasm. Just another service I offer.

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