Saturday, August 2, 2008


Had a birthday to celebrate Friday evening. Family had to wait for the old man while his car got towed to his favorite repair shop. Got a look at it this afternoon and was served a heaping helping of bad news.

The timing belt was a goner -- that much I'd figured on. What I wasn't expecting was to see the belt tensioner I'd replaced about 40K miles ago kaput and two idlers seized up (also nearly new). The main idler seized up and backed out the bolt holding to the head. Then it must have dropped down and jammed against the water pump where it broke a cast thread tower (belt shroud mounts to it) off of the water pump.

Need to loose the cam and get a pressure test on the head to see if any valves were bent. Here's hoping... Could be a new engine in my future. ouch -- bye bye bonus check. LOL.

I should have snapped some pics with my phone while I was at the shop. Guess I was distracted what with the mental image of my retirement party delayed until it can happen simultaneously with my graveside service.

Easy come. Easy go. U won't never see no hearse pulling no U-haul.

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