Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That one hurt

For my birthday a coupla weeks ago I got a ruined engine in my primary commute vehicle. Pretty sure it was the fruit of a botched repair by a mechanic I used in a pinch about a year ago. Nothing I could prove in court but pretty clear to me and my regular good ol' boy mech. Got it back on the road today after almost 3 weeks.

Glad to have it running again. Glad to have a nest egg available for such a rainy day.

Still it's comforting (cough, cough) to know that at this rate I should be able to retire for certain the day they throw dirt on my face.

The grading crew loaded up their Cat about midday and headed into the sunset. The center of the lot (planned playfield) still has some slope where it should be level. That final volume of dirt will come later from wall footings, shop footings and (hopefully) a pool dig.

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