Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lil green apples... Pucker up!!!

Yep, made it up to Western Washington. We missed the raspberries but are just in time for almost ripe Transparent apples and blackberries. They'll put a pucker on yer face fer certain.

We've enjoyed a couple days with big (#2) Sis. Been a big time around her place these coupla days seeing lots of the extended family. She's not too far from the UW and runs a virtual boarding house for with various nieces, nephews and extended family and friends staying her at different times (like now). Got to spend some time with my Dad and Brother #2 as well.

Met my brother downtown for lunch yesterday. He was in court intepreting (Thai or Lao) so we got down to meet him near Pioneer Square and the Smith Tower for lunch. That's an area I always did my best to avoid in the 70's and 80's. Only drive through there if you made a wrong turn or were lost. It's cleaned up some but still hasn't lost all it's Skid Row flavor (and the "aroma" of homelessness). It's probably still a good area to stay clear of after dark.

Was sorely tempted by a men's kilt shop -- being the grandson of a WWI Cameron Highlander Recon troop and all.

Looks like kilts are the trendy counter-culture item now for men in the city. Huh, go figure...

Asked the tourist, "Is anything worn under one of those things (kilt)?"
Answered the Scotsman, "Nope. Everything works just fine."

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LRC said...

Hi Win & Laura, what a neat trip and photo story. Wow, the work on your property looks colossal, big, maximus! My dad bought a condo in Yakima, looks like their snowbird days are fading a bit. They said to say hi.