Friday, August 22, 2008

Therapy Zone

Car repair expenses, grading wrapup & retaining wall planning/budgeting/permitting to do, seasonal crunch as family prepares to launch into school year, church leadership meetings, eldest daughter moved north to the OC for school (harder on her Mom than anyone), yadda, yadda, yadda,

Could be a busy, stressful time of year. All in all though not so much so far. Still though I'm busy enough that I have much to write about, less time to do the writing and not all of it sorted out in my head (or appropriate for public display).

One thing that did punch my button pretty good yesterday was a contracter. We'd agreed to meet at our place to discuss some needed concrete & retaining wall work. Of course, I had to push my schedule around at work in order to be around when he was "certain" to be available. What do you think the odds of him showing up were?

HAH! 5-10 minutes after our scheduled meet he rang me to say he couldn't make. He got held up on a job. "No problem mate." says I.

Thinks I, "My time's free. You're the center of the universe so I defer to you. Sure, I'm going give you the job if this is all the better you can do while we're still dating. I know you'll expect to paid on time the minute the last tool goes on your truck. Still you can start off before you even quote a job by messing with my time and be clueless about what a smuck that makes you."
{Sarcasm. Another service I offer}

Of course this is par for the course with contractors. It's hard to imagine one actually performing like a professional in relationship to customers. Even with things slowing down they still act like the only girl on the island when the Fleet's in port.

Well, this one got me on the wrong day. He doesn't know he broke his pick with me before he even looked at the job. I admit I'm feeling a wee bit vindictive towards him and I haven't even met him face to face yet. He's the lucky one to catch all the emotional baggage accumulated from all the contractors who went before him.

I think I'll definitely quote him, and maybe get some design consult from him free, then bid him against some others and get him to move on price a time or two (just fo the fun of it). Maybe I'll even call him out a couple times more. Saturday mornings are good. heh, heh, heh. It's tempting to call him out and then leave him hanging without me there -- see if he likes the taste of that. Nah, I'll probably just give him a civil piece o' my mind on the way out the door. Thank him for his input and tell him he loses the job because he convinced me he'd be unreliable.

At this instant I can't imagine actually contracting with him. Call me a flip flopper if I change my mind later. I'm allowed. It's an election year.

All that to post these pics... Figured I would distract & refresh myself from the putz-ish behavior of CA contractors and myriad other seasonal stresses with some range time.

Ah yes, range time. STILL cheaper than Therapy!!!

Shot some bullseye with my 22. Finished with Browning HP 9mm bullseye and then failure stop drill (Mozambique).

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