Monday, April 21, 2008

One man's eyesore... another man's collectible working art. I'm taking some guff from a colleague at work who insists this fine piece of American Iron is an eyesore.

Still trying to confirm the year of manufacture. It's a later Ford 2N. Probably a '46 or '47.

Unnecessary? Foolish or impractical purchase? Perhaps. Still, there's a lot of work to be done in the 1/2 acre below the house that used to be an Avocado grove. The heavy lifting and grading of playfield, drive and garage/RV pad will be contracted out. There's going to be some prep work needed before that in clearing field of hay. An old friend has offered up an old brush hog that's sat idle at his place the past few years.

The rationale for the tractor is that there will be a lot of small spot jobs, grade touchup and heavy lifting needed after the major grading. Hopefully itt can be sold after that and nearly all the original price recovered. The plan is for this unit to ease the load on an aging back for all the "before and after" grading work.

It's surprising the opportunities that come with a rig like the like this. Weed abatement is quite a seasonal business here in brush fire country. Already I have one contractor offering to refer small spot jobs to me that he routinely "no-bids" with his larger tractor. I don't have the bandwidth to engage in a sideline business like that. However, there might be an opportunity in this for the Son & Heir if that brush hog deal works out.


Flintlock Tom said...

I drove that same model home from a farm auction, back in Missouri, 30 years ago. Same color, too.

be603 said...

Trying to connect with a friend up toward Ramona. He's got a small (4') brushhog just sitting the past few years. Our field is needed a haircut prior to grading. Won't be able to do the whole lot w/ the tractor -- too much sidehil. I'd kill myself for certain. Still it'd be nice to get 60-70% or so done before going to walk behind field mower and line trimmer.