Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Centaur Redux. It's 1978 all over again

In keeping with the tradition of surfer bands since the days of wooden boards and iron men, the Son & Heir is part of the current generation of surfers cum rockers. He and his surf bud's are out of the shadows of our garage and off with their gear in search of the dream. Their first public performance is this Friday. A local church youth group is hosting a Battle of the Bands with a whopping $100 purse on the line.

What's on your playlist, asks I?
Two Black Sabbath tunes and one by "ASG" (ed. who?), says he.
At a youth group, says I?
They're clean lyrics says he...

sigh... At least they're not into Disco. Thank heavens for small favors.

They're not just hanging out in the garage, playing Guitar Hero and raiding the pantry for chips like a pack of starving wolves. It's a big improvement from last year.

Death before Disco!

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