Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chew 100 times

Ever try eating the recommended 5-10 daily servings of vegatables? Yeah RIGHT! That's a pile 'o veggies! Just stake me out in the pasture will ya?!

Well then, here's a little morning goodness for you. Blenderize your veggies and get ~80% of the food value out of them vs the 20% you'll get from eating them the old fashioned way. That's like you're getting 4 servings for every 1 serving eaten normally. At least that's what I've been reading lately. It has something to do with the blenders more complete "mastication" of the cellulose in the veggies. The claim is that "chewing" with the blender allows more of the veggie's goodness to come out in digestion.

That witches brew right there is a couple carrots, a couple sticks of celery, a handful of frozen berries and a coffee grinder capful of freshly ground flax seed.


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