Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Civilian Marksmanship Program

In the early years of US History preachers sermonized from the pulpit about the responsibility of parents to train up their children in the use of firearms. It was seen as a primary civic responsibility owed to the community.

The US Government still has a agency that promotes civilian marksmanship. It sells surplus or reduced cost rifles and ammunition to qualified citizens (have to be associated with shooting or veterans organization) It used to be known as the DCM (Director or Dept? of Civlian Marksmanship. In it's current incarnation it's known as (drumroll please) the "Civlian Marksmanship Program."

Homepage is at this link.

Here's an excerpt from a recent CMP e-mail update.


CHANGE TO CARBINE SALES DATES: Inspection & Repair and grading of M1 carbines has progressed faster than expected. CMP will now accept mail orders for Saginaw, Saginaw S'G', and National Postal Meter carbines on 28 April, 2008. Order acceptance date for Standard Products and IBM has now been set as 7 July, 2008. For operational reasons, we have set a limit of one carbine per grade per customer for each of these manufacturers until further notice. A small quantity of these manufacturers will be available at both CMP stores. For additional details, please see

SA CORRECT GRADE M1 GARANDS NOW AVAILABLE: CMP has over 300 SA Correct Grade rifles in stock. For additional details, please see

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