Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An unexpected pleasure

We left San Diego mid-morning last Friday to drive to the Bay Area. I didn't feel like gambling on Friday traffic through the LA Basin. Instead we skirted it east, going over Cajon Pass on the 15 towards Victorville and then cut back to I-5 through the high desert. That route is a bit longer and it's not as easy getting past Palmdale/Lancaster as it used to be -- growth equals more stoplights on the small highway.

I was beginning to wonder if we'd made the best decision as we poked along the 2 lane route behind a flatbed semi. He must have thought he was the only one on the road. Our 9 hour drive was headed toward 11 hours. Arrrggghhh.

Then west of Palmdale, as we approached the I-5, the turn north toward Gorman and the Grapevine we were suprised by joy.

Fields of wild poppies stretching to the horizon. For a few miles there the miles slipped by a little easier and maybe I felt just a little like my old friend Opus.

I do miss Opus...

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