Thursday, April 10, 2008

Death before Disco

That's my old 60's Harmony dreadnought. Thank you Dave C. $50 in 1978 and still going strong. I just had the guys at Moze (local Guitar godz)put a new nut on it. The nut I installed in about 1978 (or was it Lance?) was a bit of a kludge. It finally feel apart when the Son & Heir went to restring it.

I let the old friend sit out of service in the corner a couple months. Another project unfinished that I intended to get around to finishing. It is an odd size nut. I wasn't confident in my ability to set the height properly so I just dropped it with Moze.

After all these years I still love the big warm campfire sound and am still dissatisfied with the miserable "make your fingers bleed" action. It doesn't play much better or much worse... 'course neither do I.

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