Monday, April 28, 2008

Golden Bear Background

...and a golden moment foreground.

I was doing pretty well until Jon's Grandpa (who was commissioned an Ensign during WWII) did the honors and swapped out the cadet shoulder boards for Ensign shoulder boards.

The greatest Generation hands off to the Millenial Generation. May they be as great.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Cal Maritime Academy at the north end of San Francisco Bay. The morning commissioning ceremony was small, short and moving. It's a fine thing to see young men and women stepping outside of themselves and committing themselves to service and possibility of going in harm's way for their country.

Later in the day the graduation speaker was Roy Disney. Unlike most graduation speakers he actually was worth listening to. Approximately the takeaway was about how film making, going to sea and life are about teamwork, risk taking and expecting failure to come as an expected part of the venture. The lessons are in the failure and the character is in moving beyond the failure. Well spoken Roy.

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