Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roundup pro (blue jug, crystals) rocks!

It's spendy but works out to about half the price for a given area coverage as the big liquid Roundup bottle at My Toy Store (Home Depot). Also, it shows some effects within a day or two so you know it's working -- maybe it has an acid in the mix to burn the foliage a wee bit. Regular Roundup takes a week or two to show the effect of it's deadly magic on the roots.

Recently I sprayed the lower lot -- well actually the Son & Heir sprayed
the lower lot. I only did about 45 minutes worth before the ol' back
started warning it was about to goout on strike. It took over 6 hours to cover the ~25K sq ft of thigh high vetch with the 4 gallon backpack sprayer.
It was thigh high, thick and a chore to walk through. Not it's deader'n a doornail, lying down and slicker than you know what on a doorknob.

The field (an old avocado grove) needs defoliated in preparation for grading. The plan is for a playfield, full circle drive around the perimeter and to cut and roll pads at the top for a shop, RV parking and a potential pool.

It's not cricket to have all that green matter mixed in when moving the soil around and compacting. The "green" causes settling problems later so it has to be removed. Next up is cutting and remove all the dead grass (hay).

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