Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flail of the Iron Minotaur

Q: How do you know if it is a rock drummer is at your front door?
A: The knocking slows down.

Minitaur takes the stage. A good time -- much better than I expected. They had the toughest song choice and tightest instrumentals of the night (of 6 groups) but lacked a vocalist. That lost it for them.

They should have won it on style points alone.

The group that beat them out for the $100 prize had a couple excellent musicians (esp, bassist) but they did simple songs. That group's vocals were really hard to sit through, but, gotta give the girls points for their head dip/hair flips.

The other kid's bands (and most praise bands) strike me as fusion of post-Punk pwr chords & folk (eewwww). Does such a thing exist?
I suppose when you take music education out of the schools, this is what you get. They want to make music. They have no base to start from. Well kudos for trying.

Anyhow, Iron Minitaur took the stage in Rm 208 at Horizon to a packed house -- and paid due respect to Clint (stage left) who they brought along from the garage.

A man's got to know his limitations.

"Hi, we're Flail of the Iron Minotaur. We've been playing together since, uhhh..., Monday."

Cowboys and Indians (ASG)
Electric Funeral, Paranoid (BS)

Their intended vocalist couldn't hack the Ozzie stuff so he dropped out. It happened too late to draft/rehearse little sister: The Divine Miss M. They just played 'em all straight ahead as instrumentals. Actually stayed together real well. Son&Heir didn't drift off tempo at all (must not be a real rock drummer). I could tell he was pretty amp'd for the occasion -- all and all surprisingly listenable.

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