Sunday, April 6, 2008

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Well, I made it through today's sermon without being bound and drug before the Inquistor for spewing heresy. That's something I guess.

Funny thing when you speak from the pulpit. Sure you might hear something like "Thanks for that message" or "That really blessed/convicted me." but not really that often. Oh, I suppose you might hear more of that if we had the tradition of the preacher at the front door saying goodbye to departing congregants. That's not part of our tradition. Besides you don't preach for the strokes. You speak from the pulpit because it's a calling and a burden on your heart.

The other shoe drops when you get a point of doctrine wrong, misspeak or when someone misunderstands what was said. The latter (misunderstanding) is probably the most common cause with me. It's undestandable considering with my sense of humor and semi-dry wit (shaken not stirred).

It's the negative reactions not communicated that are most concerning. Those reactions can fester. Folks take them home for a Sunday dinner of Roast Preacher with potatoes and gravy (I'll have mine with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti please)

In a worst case scenario, a person won't follow Matthew 18's instruction to go in person and speak about the problem/concern. Instead they just take offense, stew for a while and then fade into the sunset.

I wear a size 12D. Feel free to drop that shoe.

Now it's off to the range for a different type of brain flush.

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