Saturday, December 27, 2008

Away boarding parties, away!

Lex has been tracking the developments with piracy in the I/O along with the emergence of a blue water ChiCom Navy. Link

Nature abhors a vacuum. Our absence of leadership and moral courage in handing these pirates their heads has left an opening for the Chinese. Now the ChiComs get to serve humanity and gain moral standing by killing bad guys.

How do you say "happy hunting" in Mandarin?


Pawpaw said...

Never having been a sailor, I don't understand how todays pirates are able to board large ships. It seems like huge expanses of smooth sheet steel on the side of the ship would be hard to traverse.

That said, a couple of good men with shotguns ought to be able to peel boarders off a rail.

If you make that Away Boarders shit dangerous, then less folks will want to do it.

Again, I've never been a sailor, so I'm just talking out my butt.

be603 said...

You'd think they'd be able to repel boarders but then the crews on these big ships are pretty small. Also, they're merchant seaman not war fighters. I think of Jesus's comment about how the hired hand leaves the flock when a wolf approaches while a son stays to protect it.

I've read of some ships arming their crews. There's a lot of rail to man on a large ship by a small crew and these pirates apparently understand the psych effect of suppressing fire.

How do they scale the ship's side? Same way the old time pirates and Seals do I s'pose: by hook or by crook.

A ship's hull is sorta like my old Monte Carlo with the 55/50 paint job. It looked smooth from 50 ft at 55 mph. There's always grapples...