Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Tradition

... the rush is upon us.

'bout into the clear now though. We made the roadtrip Saturday 120 miles up the road to spend early Xmas with my wife's side of the family. That was later in the day than normal since we couldn't leave til after the final rehearsal for the Church Xmas program.

The program went off well yesterday. This year was a fairly traditional acting out of the Christmas story -- no Dickens-ian flashbacks with ghostly messengers or modern parables. It was our usual Mayberry RFD level effort -- everyone got involved either on stage or getting pics/videos of their children performing. It wouldn't have been complete without the 4 yr old whose mind wandered while he fiddled with his shirt buttons. Wound up half undressing himself on stage during singing of "Away in a Manger."

The divine Miss M (as Mary) sang Sandi Patti's "Someday." I may link to thathere later depending on how it looks on Youtube. It was my usual masterful video quality (cough). Lighting too low and too close to piano to compensate for lighting. As a result the camera didn't pick up as much of Megan's voice in PA as I'd like.

Tonight we're hosting our annual Xmas lights walk with old friends. We started walking a local neighborhood together to see the lights when our kids were infants. Now the kids are growing, grown or gone but we still try to get together. It's kind of a touchstone for us as some have moved along to other neighborhoods or churches.

Dunno if I'll be making the walk -- it's been a few years since my back would allow it. There's quite a few steep hills along the way. Thought this year I'd be back in the saddle but I'm doubting it now. The reason I'm posting this at zero-dark thirty is because my back/hips are tying up pretty good. Too much Xmas rush, roadtripping and maybe a too little faithfulness to my posture/back exercise routine last week.

Hey it wouldn't be the Holiday's without someone's back going out or flu/colds in the house. LOL.

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