Friday, December 5, 2008

Twitter, erosion mitigation, fretting, church

Trying to figure out this Twitter thing... Just added myself to list.

Discussion on Hugh Hewitt show yesterday... Link

Otherwise been occupied mitigating erosion on that grading done late summer. Needed more rock on the drive and patch up some channels that got started in our first rain.

Silt fences, sandbags, straw wattles ($) ouch. More than I'd budgeted for.

Placed order for 405 keystone blocks at Home Depot last night. That should just about do it for the first major retaining wall I need below the major cut slope. It'll be 3 ft high and run at least 100'.

Continuing to work out various subcontractor bids for the pool we permitted. Got the steel, plumbing, electrical and grading quotes. Need Shotcrete, plaster and tile/coping quotes. Funny how the construction industry is still stuck in the Fax Age. Really slows me down compared to scanning and e-mail. Used to think fax was the cat's pajamas...

Fretting? Yeah, looking at economy and all the FUD talk has me wondering if I'm nuts for following through on this pool. Got e-mail just this moring from a smart guy former colleague (who managed to retire before 50) telling me to keep my powder dry and think about buying gold.

Maybe the pool money would be better spent on a well, solar power, root cellar and seed stocks.

What'd Solomon say? Something like, "Prepare your work in the field, then build your house?"

Been working on some followup at Church on leadership development and action plans for recently launched Men's Ministry (aka Band of Brothers). Trying make that handoff to the next-gen of men. Also trying to draw into closer fellowship (include/test in some project and small group leadership roles) some of the African refugee men who've joined us the last year or two.

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KurtP said...

I always looked at having my own pool as a waste of time amnd money, especially since *I* would have to take care of it.

Don't know where it is in relation to your house, but how about a Koi pond?
If times get that bad you can always smoke the carp.