Saturday, December 13, 2008

Planes, Bullet Trains and Automobiles

Stateside again now and a bit more optimistic than I was just a week ago.

Picked up a head cold on the trip out to Japan & Korea last Sunday. Makes the strange food, hotels, trains, shuttles, taxis, and long meetings and longer business dinners just that little extra bit more special.

Sometimes it feels more like work that others.

That said, Korea in particular was interesting to me. Even with the struggling world economy effects being felt there I actually was put in an optimistic mood by Korea. They've come so far, from so far down in such a short time that I was reminded that people just don't roll over and give up. Governments may intervene or be corrupt but humanity continues to strive for food, shelter, comfort, fellowship and a better life for their children.

Made it back in time to go to the Company Holiday Party last night with my 1st wife. A good time was had by all -- if a bit more subdued that in past years.
It's the one time a year I can count on getting to sit and enjoy live music. As we get older there's more jazz in the party band selections and less rock and roll but that's all good. More slow dancing opportunities in that. /heh ;-)

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