Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after

I'm not one to go crazy with after Christmas sales. However, I did get out shopping for tires today and to run some other errands at local hardware stores. People were out shopping but I don't know how traffic compares to other years. Besides I stayed clear of the big box malls.

A big ticket item I can postpone no longer is tires for my Honey's Excursion. Big tires, big bucks -- even though they're stock size. Stock size being a 265/75R16 load range E. That's a 10 ply tire! Yee-hah.

I worked it today, got quotes at 4 tire shops. In the interest of cost savings. I'm flipping a coin and switching from the tried and true Michelin LTX that have worn so well on this rig. We've gotten at least 50K miles out of each of the 2 sets of Michelins we've put on the rig since the factory tires wear replaced.

It may be a false economy to switch from a tire that's worn so well. Still to save $200 today ($130 if I wait 2 weeks for Costco sale and shipment to arrive) I decided to go with the comparable Pirelli. It's a 65K warranty tire with a crazy 540 treadware rating. That should hold up. Only question is whether it will affect fuel economy. On my light vehicles I've seen several mpg difference with a tire brand change. I'm thinking the weight and wind resistance of the high profile Excursion are more dominant factors on economy than with a light vehicle like the Beetle.

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