Monday, December 15, 2008

Still cheaper than therapy.

Headed out the door this morning. Looked at the storm starting outside, the swirling wind, the rain starting and knew what lay ahead. Rain commutes in SoCal = potential insanity, guaranteed gridlock.

Stopped to check the lock on the garage side door and noted about half a tube of primers still on tap in my press. Well, why not pull a few?

Ran a few minutes till primer tube emptied. Then locked up and got in the car -- mellowed and ready to roll. Made it to my desk uneventfully.

Ahh, rhythms.


Pawpaw said...

Is that a Lee Load Master? How do you like it? What was the set-up like? How about the learning curve?

I'm thinking about going to a progressive for pistol ammo, but haven't convinced myself to pull the pin.

be603 said...

That's a Hornady LNL-AP.

Lee's been good to me on other tools and the price point for the Load Master can't be beat.

I was really tempted by the Lee but the free bullet deal from Hornady closed the gap enough I just went for it. Set up and learning curve wasn't bad at all.

Biggest part of it was the case activated powder throw -- even that's not been so bad. Mostly slow because my old scale takes so long to settle after each throw when checking set up. I'm sorely tempted by the RCBS electronic scale.