Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Things are shaping up for a quiet Christmas around our place. Not going to be much under the tree this year. We pulled in our horns a bit.

Our eldest (daughter) made it home last night from school/work up in the OC. She's finished up her trade school last week. She has to take State boards in January. In the meantime she is waiting tables up until after the holidays when they'll allow her to transfer back down here. She had a bit of excitement along the way home -- tire blewout on the freeway during rainy Monday rush hour. It was a long fearful hour in the rain and dark on the shoulder waiting for AAA to get help to her.

That breakdown delayed her return home a day while getting a couple new tires on the rear. While she waited for Costco to mount her tires she called in to work and picked up an extra shift. The holiday lunch crowd tipped well. That extra shift paid for one of the new tires.

Huh. Ponder...
She called for an extra shift and delayed coming home another half day -- even though eager to hang with friends?
Double huh.
Who is this person? Emerging adult sensibilities and responsibility? Dare I hope?

That's better than anything a Dad could find under the tree Christmas morning.

My dad's philosophy seemed to be "raise 'em up, get 'em hungry and watch 'em work." Musta read a wise man...

Proverbs 16:26
A worker's appetite works for him,For his hunger urges him on.

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