Friday, December 19, 2008

Frost on the Pumpkin

Got into the 30's here last night. That's typically about as cold as we get; not unusual in Dec. Two years ago we had a couple or three weeks of nights in the 20's. My primary producing Avocado tree is just about finally recovered from that. I'll have to improvise a smudge pot or heater of some sort in the rare event that happens again.

The rains early in the week were a significant test of our erosion control measures. Had to make a couple midcourse corrections Tuesday when we got a short break in the action. Built a couple sandbag sumps down at the bottom with 3" flex drain lines running to the road. That helped a lot to egress the water. Put in an additional 106 bags that day. That is my helpers with younger backs did.

Have 9 pallets of keystone blocks waiting to be stacked into a couple retaining walls at the foot of the upper cut slope. Half of them need to be moved up 6' and staged at level of the pool pad. Not gonna be doing that the hard way. Nope, nope. Wouldn't be prudent.

My 2WD tractor can't get up the slope w/out breaking traction. When I have another 10yds of gravel dropped for the wall footings and backfill I'll have the bobcat/hauler guy run them uphill in his frontloader bucket . That reminds me. I best be giving him a call today.

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