Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quiet at the office

At my desk. Waiting for some callbacks with info rqst'd. Wondering if I can still remember how to work that slipstick...

Most folks out on vacation this week. I got caught up chasing info for a quality problem on a critical project. That has me at work trying to piece together the puzzle long distance with 2 different suppliers who are build the product in 3 different facilities.

As stated so dryly and often by Harry Callahan, "Marvelous."

Actually, joking aside, it is marvelous. I'm thankful for the work. Many are not so fortunate this year.

We wound up with about 30 people at the house last night for the Xmas lights party. A good time was had by all. We started this when our kids were infants and toddlers and the house felt full then. Now that they're mostly grown and they're bringing their boyfriends and girlfriends the house is full in a different way. They used to be underfoot. Now they're taking all the available seats. :-)

Chicago dogs before the lights walk/drive. Large, tasty franks from local butcher shop (Iowa Meat Farms on Mission Gorge Rd). I like to have burned the house down heating them all on the griddle and frying pan (split down the middle and fried). Our old stove vent just can't keep up. Someday I'll mount a modern one.

Massive amounts of potluck goodies after the lights. Gym memberships will surely get put to good use after the New Year. It rained pretty good all day so the walk was in doubt for a while. As it turned out the sky cleared enough in the evening to park the car and hike the hills.

Good fellowship... Thankful to the Lord for family and friends.


Pawpaw said...

When I was in high school math class, the teacher wanted us to use a slide rule. There was a massive one hanging over the blackboard and un-noticed by everyone, it had warped in the heat and humidity of pre-A/C Louisiana.

He showed us definitely that two times two equals three point eight.

2 X 2 = 3.8 Warped slide rule.

Slide rules are fun, but calculators are better.

be603 said...

That musta been good for a laugh.

A while back I was tempted by one of those classroom size slipsticks on Fee-Bay.

It'd be good for some serious Engineering/Geek envy hanging on my office wall.

The thing about sliderules that's lost with calculators is the element of visual element. There's something about thye spatial relationships on a slide rule that helped my learning and estimating.