Saturday, December 6, 2008

CMP 22 ammo

Remember the Civilian Marksmanship Program? LINK

Got a new batch of Aguila 22 ammo in from CMP. Made a quick trip to the range in between things yesterday afternoon. Was a bit rushed...

I have always just bought the cheapest they carry. This time I split an order of the spendier Aguila CMP sells. LINK Thought I'd see what you get for the extra money.

Did an imprecise but quick check yesterday with my S&W 22A pistol. It seems to like it a little better. The black 'shoot n see' targets are with my hands on a rest. I'm not that confident in the repeatability of my aging, changing eyes. I'll go back and shoot several more targets with each type of ammo in less of a hurry.

This target used the cheaper stuff
419ASVSE Aguila .22 Caliber - 1135 fps.
5000 Round Case $189*
This was last target with the spendier stuff.
419ASVGE Aguila .22 Caliber - 1200 fps.
5000 Round Case $229.95*

I'm even more interested in how it'll perform in my Winchester Mdl 75 target rifle.


Flintlock Tom said...

Nice shootin', may I assume 25 yards?

Flintlock Tom

Pawpaw said...

That pistol target is nice. It's tough finding a good .22LR load that'll shoot in more than one firearm.

However, I've heard good things about Aguila.