Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy, busy

Got a break in the rain. Inspected the erosion control measures below. Big improvements on the upper slopes. Still big problems on the lower part. Monday's rain overwhelmed a couple sections. Wow is it soft down there.

Decided we were focusing too much on containment and not enough of egress. Got my young handyman helper back on the job while I went in to the office.

Too dark for pics by the time I got back to the homestead. Maybe tomorrow.

Covered a critical part of upper slope below large wall w/ 6 mil tarps.

Brought in over 100 more sand(gravel) bags and some more drain line. Shored up some silt fences with those and built several catch basins that are then drained to the street with 3" flex line over/under/through the silt fences.

Other than that? Mostly caught up at work from Asia trip. Still need to get expense report completed and update a couple reports/summaries.

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