Monday, January 26, 2009

10:00 update (Devil is in the details)

The tricky part of this is getting the concrete details correct for the pool cover. The cover is an automatic underedge style that pulls back into an underdeck box at the west end. This rectangular appendage at the end will be the cover box.

Here one of the crew is back in the cover box making changes to position of guidewires they use for reference while screeding the mud.

Thankfully the pool cover rep and excavating/pool contractor were on hand to clarify and communicate with the concrete crew. A couple adjustments to wall thickness on the cover box had to be made. Also a drain, electrical conduit and a couple bonding/ground wires were missed by the rough plumber in cover box.

Other than that they're back to cooking on gas now.
The cover box is shaping up.

North wall taking shape...

Getting started on the spa...

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